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Tap Snap Send

Have you ever been in a hurry or there was an emergency situation where you were so nervous and hyped out that you could not operate your phone fast enough to get a picture?

Tap Snap Send, sometimes called TapSnaps, is the best answer to any type of photo capture. Once you take the pick it will be sent to your email without doing any fumbling or messing around with adding address or picking which silly function you want to send with.

It is really as simple as it (literally) sounds:

  1. Tap the T-S-S icon
  2. Take the picture (Snap!)
  3. Send with one button

Ready, Set, Go!

If you are ready to sign into a new Tap Snap Send account, just use this link and we will get you started.

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Who, What, Where?

TapSnapSend is a project application developed by Tradesouthwest which is an online business marketing and development company.

Tradesouthwest is located in Phoenix, AZ at 2045 N. 7th St. in the Coronado Distrcit of beautiful downtown Phoenix, Arizona

You can reach us by Email @: notify@tapsnapsend.com

Phone: (602)-356-8688 GoogleVoice/Hangouts number

Support: tapsnapsend.com/support

We also build custom business applications.

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